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Our Range of Perfectly Delectable Sauces

The Holy Sauce

A versatile range of
lip-smacking sauces

The Holy Sauces is a completely dependable sauce manufacturing company that brings out the most delicious and flavor-enhancing sauces from the lap of mother nature. The wholesome variety that we serve adds to the taste of multiple kitchens, belonging to different cultures and continents. Quality comes at the top for us and that is the reason we have the industry’s most important and strictest quality certificates: BRC, ISO 22000, HALAL, SEDEX, and OU KOSHER. The brand offers an astounding experience of taste brought to your table. Our products are made with 100% farm-grown produce and do not compromise authenticity.

We wish to taste success, while you taste our products.


O u r R a n g e o f P e r f e c t l y D e l e c t a b l e W o r l d C l a s s I n t e r n a t i o n a l S a u c e s

An unforgettable taste and experience.


Versatility is the Key, Taste is the Aim

Maybe, we are not original. But, if copying the homemade sauces of different cuisines make us that, so be it. We will live up to your expectations and offer you the taste that you have grown up consuming in your local eateries and home.


Xtra Hot Sriracha
Chilli Sauce

This sauce is lit and can make your mouth go on fire. We are serious when we add that “Xtra hot” to the sauce. The ingredients are meant to turn out the spicy level to the maximum position. Hence, if you are a die-hard fan of chilies and spices, this jar is all you need.

Its the Best

Sichuan Sauce

When red chilli, garlic and ginger are fused together in the means of sauce, it is supposed to be delicious and definitely spicy. Making the bland food hotter and spicier, this sauce is garnering major compliments from the customers.

Feel The Mint

Mint Sauce

A quick salsa cannot be prepared if you will take a long time in crushing and churning the fresh mints to make the sauce that enhances its taste. You can save your time, efforts and money by getting yourself this astonishing mint sauce.

100% Best Quality

Sweet Soy Sauce

A staple in the indonesian cuisine, this sauce cannot be ignored if you wish to enjoy the lip-smacking taste of real dishes made in Indonesia. It works the best with grilled chicken and meet as well. You can enjoy it, again and again, as it tastes so good that you may overeat the food with it.

100% Best Quality

Sweet & Sour Sauce

A little combination of two entirely diverse tastes forming a sauce that is nothing less than flavoursome. Making your dishes tastier and better, and with the ingredients that we have cherry-picked, these sauces are definitely better than the lot as well.


Steak Sauce

Good food makes any day turn better and with the steak sauce that we make, we can make your bland food flavorsome. Try it once and you will keep on buying it again and again.


of the Environment

We realize that turning a blind eye to nature and its perishable resources is a solution to nothing. Hence, we are rebuilding the agricultural practices followed and rooting for the strategies that are in favor of the environment and us. Our happiness and pride belong in not just the sauces we offer, but the ways we adapt to manufacture and serve them.