T h e H o l y S a u c e

If you don’t like the sauces, in all probability, you haven’t tasted any authentic ones.

X t r a H o t S r i r a c h a C h i l l i S a u c e

This sauce is lit and can make your mouth go on fire. We are serious when we add that “Xtra hot” to the sauce. The ingredients are meant to turn out the spicy level to the maximum position. Hence, if you are a die-hard fan of chilies and spices, this jar is all you need. The blandest food can be turned into the spiciest with a spoonful of the sauce. Get it delivered to you with our food delivery partners and see for yourself how the sauce makes you crave for water after each bite.

H o t S r i r a c h a C h i l l i S a u c e

Belonging to the category of one of the hottest and spiciest sauces, this sauce finds it home inside multiple asian homes. However, if you are a connoisseur of sauces and prefer to try something tangy and spicy, you shall get your hands on this one.

S w e e t C h i l l i S a u c e

A favorite staple for most of the homes, a must-have for yours too! The sweet chili sauce is a perfect blend of sweet, spice, and other things nice. It incorporates a mixture of multiple ingredients and tastes such as garlic, chilli, vinegar, etc. We have hit the right formulae to make this sauce so that the taste makes people lick their fingers off.

G a r l i c S r i r a c h a C h i l l i S a u c e

Garlic, in every form, is wondrous. This beneficial ingredient turns out into a taste master when infused with chillis in the form of a sauce. The sauce has been a delectable addition in the kitchens of many all around the world. This taste is hard to match and find anywhere else. Hence, our customers repeatedly desire our brand and keep it in high demand. This sauce is 100% vegetarian and can be consumed in varied forms. The bright color and spicy taste add pep to the Asian dishes. 

S r i r a c h a G r e e n C h i l l i S a u c e

Do you ever crave a sauce that is bold, tangy, and spicy? If yes, Sriracha Green Chilli Sauce is all you need. From aroma to taste, the product is a one-stop solution to culinary needs. The sauce is freshly made with the ingredients that add to the flavor and fragrance. You can have it with different types of meals, like people in diverse countries are already having it. In simple and honest words, this sauce has everything that you would need to make your dishes tastier and better.

S w e e t S o y S a u c e

A staple in the indonesian cuisine, this sauce cannot be ignored if you wish to enjoy the lip-smacking taste of real dishes made in Indonesia. It works the best with grilled chicken and meat as well. You can enjoy it, again and again, as it tastes so good that you may overeat the food with it.

S o y S a u c e D a r k

This naturally fermented soy sauce is exceeding the expectations of the customers buying it. It is nothing like what you have already tasted, except authentic hand-made. Imagine getting the same taste, without having to put hours of energy and ingredients in making it with your hands.

S o y S a u c e L i g h t

We have revived the traditional method of picking the selected soybeans to turn them into sauces and serving them to the final consumers. The farmers associated with us are quick to learn the traditional ways and practice them to serve us with the best quality of soybeans that are then turned into light soy sauce that goes amazingly well with multiple food items, dimsums and momos included.

S w e e t & S o u r S a u c e

A little combination of two entirely diverse tastes forming a sauce that is nothing less than flavoursome. Making your dishes tastier and better, and with the ingredients that we have cherry-picked, these sauces are definitely better than the lot as well.

S p r i n g R o l l S a u c e

Chinese cuisine is incomplete without tantalizing sauces and we offer a whole variety of sauces that can soothe your needs. Out of all, the spring roll sauces that are made in our factory are the right kind of tasty. If you have ever tired authentic chinese cuisine, this sauce will taste just the same.

S w e e t C h i l l i S a u c e f o r C h i c k e n

Half the taste of chicken depends upon its freshness and other half depends upon the ingredients added to it. We produce amazing sweet chilli sauce for chicken that enhances its taste by 50% percent and more. Any kind of chicken recipe can be made using these sauces and each one of it will be finger-licking good.

M i n t S a u c e

A quick salsa cannot be prepared if you will take a long time in crushing and churning the fresh mints to make the sauce that enhances its taste. You can save your time, efforts and money by getting yourself this astonishing mint sauce.

M a n g o C u r r y S a u c e

Mango and curry, distinctively go very well with dishes, but when fused together in a sauce, they create an unforgettable delicacy. Add the sauce to your plain dishes and convert them into mouth-watering meals. This sauce offers a tangy-sweetish taste that lingers on your tongue and craves you to have some more after each bite. Get this little jar of taste and magic delivered to you. 

P e r i P e r i S a u c e

Do you wish to try something irresistible in terms of sauces and condiments? If yes, then this is the perfect pick for you! The sauce is very spicy and can make you feel like a dragon spitting fire from the mouth. Still, try this once and you won’t be able to keep on eating it with every other dish.

G a r l i c S a u c e

One of the most special products made by us is the garlic sauce that enhances the taste of middle-easten dishes. There are a handful of dishes that will taste bland if not tried with garlic. The thick and rich cream makes this sauce even tastier and better.

H o t C h i l l i S a u c e

What is in our hot chilli sauce that you can’t possibly find anywhere? Authenticity. No Added Colors. Free of Preservatives. Amazing Taste. We guess these many reasons are enough to make you try our special range of hot chilli sauce that can burn your mouth and still you would want more of it.

S i c h u a n S a u c e

When red chilli, garlic and ginger are fused together in the means of sauce, it is supposed to be delicious and definitely spicy. Making the bland food hotter and spicier, this sauce is garnering major compliments from the customers.

H o i s i n S a u c e

A perfect dipping sauce in Asian cuisine, the Hoisin sauces are supposed to be the amalgamation of sweet and spicy. The makers of this sauces realise that too much sweet might make it bland and so will too much spice. Hence, we even bend over backwards to make sure that we do not over do anything that might ruin the taste.

S a t a y S a u c e

Artificial colouring and taste enhancers might ruin the taste of the sauces, and health, that goes unsaid. We are, hence, keeping the natural ingredients at the topmost place and avoiding all kinds of artificial flavours and colours, serving you the best and original.

T e r i y a k i S a u c e

Teriyaki sauce can be used for more than one purpose. It works a great deal as a condiment in noodles, cooking sauce and as a spread too in different dishes. With this sauce in your kitchen, you will be the king of taste.

S t e a k S a u c e

Good food makes any day turn better and with the steak sauce that we make, we can make your bland food flavorsome. Try it once and you will keep on buying it again and again.

B B Q S a u c e

It is a three in one sauce that is rich in taste, aroma and colour. It can be applied over salads as a dressing, a marinade or simply as a dip. With each use, you will see it melting inside your mouth and leaving a spicy and tangy flavour behind.